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Replaces Inefficient Questionnaire

To engage with a statistically significant sample of customers … tens or hundreds of thousands in cases – questionnaire driven customer feedback gathering exercises are not practical.

By contrast, Acumeni feedback requests are electronically driven, short, precise and to the point and encourage customer response through ease of use.

Makes Responding to Unhappy Customers Easy

The Acumeni Solution enable Companies to “close the loop” with customers, by identifying those who are unhappy.

It also offers follow up options management – enabling Company staff to easily identify and contact any customer who gave negative feedback for further investigation and engagement.

Makes Engaging with Satisfied Customers Easy

The Acumeni Solution enables Companies to easily identify customers who are ‘Net Promoters’.

Having identified customers who are net promotors, company staff can be mandated to recognise “net promoter” customers and up sell products / services to extend the customer – company relationship.