Drive Continuous Improvement With Acumeni

Use Acumeni’s Advanced Analytics Dashboard to provide C-Level Executives and Managers with real-time access to actionable Voice-of-the-Customer insights.

Benefits of Acumeni:

  1. All year round CSAT and NPS Scores.
  2. Service Points League table.
  3. Accurate measurement of current customer satisfaction.
  4. Identify unhappy customer.
  5. Identify happy customers.
  6. Actionable insight covering the 4 P’s (People, Processes, Products / Service and Platforms).
  7. An affordable out-of-the-box voice-of-the-customer platform.

Acumeni’s Unique Voice-of-the-Customer Dashboard

Track CSAT & NPS Scores Real Time

Review Analysed Customer Feedback

Maintain Touch Point League Table

Access Custom Reports

Some of our customers

Acumeni | Out-of-the-box use cases …

For Banks

Using Acumeni, Banks can automatically invite customers (by triggering personalised invitation sms and email messages) to give feedback immediately after a branch visit or qualifying transaction.

For Products & Services …

Measure the level of customer satisfaction with the Bank’s products and services by obtaining Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores, Net Promoter (NPS) Score and analysed / categorised verbatim comments from the Bank’s customers.

For Bank Branches …

Monitor the customer experience delivered at the Bank’s branches.

For Call Centre Services …

Monitor the service delivered by the Bank’s call centre staff.

For Mobile Networks

Using Acumeni, Mobile Network Operators can easily ask customers (by triggering personalised invitation sms messages) for service experience feedback.

On-boarding New Customers …

Contact new customers after (XX) days to acquire Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT), Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and analysed / categorised verbatim comments.

For Retail Outlets …

Monitor the experience delivered at operated and franchised retail outlets.

For Call Centre Services …

Monitor the service delivered by the Network’s call centre agents.

For Education Authorities

Using Acumeni, Education Authorities can invite Parents (by triggering personalised invitation messages) to give feedback at the end of each term.

Measure  …

Measure Parent satisfaction with the progress made by their children in Primary and Secondary Schools, by obtaining Parent Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores, Net Promoter (NPS) Score and analysed / categorised verbatim comments.

Monitor …

Monitor Parent Satisfaction trends term-by-term across all local schools.

About Us

Acumeni is a trading name of ESJ Software, a UK software development company that specialises in developing and supporting innovative cloud and enterprise solutions for customer service focused organisations.

ESJ Software is investing in the future of cloud solutions – developing new solutions and services for global markets.

Our aim is to aggressively grow our customer base by introducing innovative solutions and services that deliver value to our customers.

  • Innovation

    ESJ Software constantly strives to innovate and extend product and software offers to ensure our customers stay ahead.

  • Professionalism

    We take pride in our ability to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

  • Timeliness

    At ESJ Software we understand that time to market is key. We work tirelessly to ensure we deliver new features, updates and resolve support ticket issue on time.

  • Value

    Our objective is to put our customers first and ensure that our software solutions are dependable and offer real world value – we want our customers to derive significant returns.